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Avoiding back pain while golfing

Women’s golf equipment has come a long way over the years. Take an inventory of your items: do you need new golf shoes? Is your golf bag out of date? What about your golf clubs? It may seem strange, but these elements factor in when you are trying to protect your back from injury or pain. It would be a stretch to say that your personalized golf balls factor in; but perhaps not. Do they make you happy, or more confident? And if so, just how does that affect your posture?

Taking time to stretch and connect with your body and mind before beginning your game will always make a difference in how you play and how you feel. By paying close attention to your posture alone, you can avoid pain that may slow you down or affect your swing.

The golf apparel that you choose also matters a great deal. Not only do you want to look great – you want to feel great. Tight or constrictive clothing will work against you, as full, deep breathing is as important to the game as your swing or your putt. It might be time to look in your closet and assess what you’ll be wearing on the course. If you gained or lost weight since last season, you’ll want to do yourself a favor and replace the things that are no longer comfortable, or don’t make you feel your best. Ladies’ golf clothes have gotten trendier and smarter recently, so freshen up your wardrobe with the things that will make you feel your best.

Feeling your best directly and always affects your posture. Take the time to roll your shoulders forward and back, stretch your spine and gently move your neck from side to side. Get back in touch with your golf swing and make sure that you are not doing anything that can cause injury or soreness to your back

Protecting the back is of utmost importance in any sport. Make sure that is a first priority for you. And remember, that one of the simplest ways to protect your back from pain, is to take a close look at the shoes on your feet. The golf shoes you choose to wear will be your number one armor against back pain. Choose carefully, walk with confidence, and be as kind to your back as you are to those around you. Your back will thank you, and it will certainly show in your score.

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