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Basic rules of golf

Before you can play a round of golf, you do need to have an understanding of the basic rules. Whether you are just starting out in the sport or you are looking to brush up on the rules, this is the article for you. The rules of golf are extensive and can be confusing. A layout of the basic rules of golf in the next few paragraphs will keep you safe and proper on any course.

The first set of basic rules of golf applies to teeing off. When you are teeing off, make sure no one is around you. It can be very dangerous otherwise. There are tees for men and women. You must always tee off from your gender’s tee. The player who had the best score on the previous hole goes first. After that, the player whose ball is furthest from the hole goes first.

The second set of basic rules of golf applies to hazards. If you hit your ball in a sand trap, you must rake the trap when you are done. Also, if your ball is unplayable due to hazards such as water, you may drop your ball or a replacement ball any place behind where your ball entered the hazard. You must also take a penalty stroke to your score.

The next set of basic rules of golf applies to putting. When putting, you should never walk in front other player’s golf balls. You should also never shadow the other players when they are putting. Do not bring golf hand carts onto the putting green and repair any marks to the green when you are finished.

The final set of basic rules of golf applies to the safety of other players. Golf carts should only be driven on marked paths and never on the putting greens. Use caution and common sense when using a golf cart to ensure safety. You should never start a hole until the group before you has finished putting and left the area of the fairway and putting green. Follow these basic rules and you’ll have a fun, safe game every time.

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