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Developing a golf fitness program

Finding it more difficult to keep up with the game these days? Perhaps you could benefit from a golf fitness program. Athletes from all different sports rely on specific training to keep their game in top condition, so why shouldn't you? Feel like it might be a waste of time? Developing a golf fitness program will pay off in many other ways than just golf. It might improve your whole life!

The first thing to consider when developing a golf fitness program is cardio. You may not think cardio training has that much to do with golf, but strengthening your lungs and heart through running or other cardio exercise can improve your endurance, which you know you need when playing 18 holes. It can also help you drop some extra pounds, which will pay off in your swing.

Another important part of developing a golf fitness program is weight training. Weight training not only builds up your muscle mass, but can also improve your core strength. Core strength is the best way to improve your game, because it helps with your balance and overall power. You will see a big difference in your driving, approach and putting shots when you incorporate weight training equipment into your daily routine.

Another key part of developing a golf fitness program is stretching. Using stretching exercises specifically designed for golfers on a regular basis will improve your movement. Just imagine having a more developed and more comfortable swing! Golf stretching exercises can get you there.

If you have already developed a golf fitness program and feel like helping others improve their golf games, perhaps golf fitness certification is a good option for you. Once certified, you can train other golfers part time, full time or just offer your training skills as a volunteer service to your local golfing community. Getting your fitness certification is easy and can give you a fun hobby or even a rewarding career!

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