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Get a grip with a good pair of golf gloves

For any golfer who wants to avoid sweaty palms and calluses, a good pair of golf gloves is the perfect solution. At Fore Her Golf, you’ll find a wide variety of golf gloves for women who love to golf and also want to protect their hands. Choose from several styles of golf gloves, from warm winter golf gloves to half-finger golf gloves, to find the pair or pairs that meet your needs.

Women who want the protection and the feel that golf gloves provide without trying to fit long fingernails, rings or other jewelry into a tight-fitting glove can find the solution in several types of golf gloves from top name brands in golf clothing and equipment. Nail gloves keep your hand and fingers covered, but the tips are open so your nails have more room. Ring gloves have an opening for your ring finger, so there is no need to remove your wedding ring and risk losing it.

Even more options include half-finger golf gloves, which will cover the palm of your hand and fingers while still allowing for more breathability; impact protection golf gloves, which will absorb the impact of your swing so your hands feel less pain; and golf gloves that don’t block out the sun, so your hands will tan as evenly as your arms.

Look for gloves in various prints, colors and durable materials such as leather. You’ll also find winter golf gloves for cold days and water-resistant golf gloves so you can maintain your grip even in the rain. All of these golf glove options offer great comfort and feel and won’t interfere with your swing.

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