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Getting Fit for the Golf Season

Whether you like to run, or kick box, or simply read about the athletes that interest you, there’s no doubt that your body can use a little “kick start” before golf season begins.  The strength, balance, and concentration necessary for the game begin with you. 

Begin by taking a walk or a jog, and imagining yourself on the golf course.  Put the game in your head – the perfect swing, the follow through, the confidence you feel when you know you’re on track.  Building these thoughts and feelings while you gear your body up for the course is as important as anything you will do to prepare your game.

Chances are that winter and busy schedules have taken a bit of a toll on your body.  Start easy.  Begin with regular walking at a decent pace.  Do your best to keep your heart rate up for at least twenty minutes or so.  See yourself playing, and see yourself playing well. Using the benefits of a walking regimen can greatly impact the very concentration you need for your game as well.  Do not do yourself the disservice of replaying bad or disappointing games in your mind’s eye.  Instead, see a whole new game – see yourself with the swing you always wanted, putting your best score down, celebrating with your companions. 

Stretching is as important as getting your muscles back into shape.  The game of golf uses balance, and strength – things you can work on in your very own living room.  Slow, controlled movements, stretching the arms, neck, spine and legs are things that will not only improve strength, but also balance and concentration. 

Sign up for a yoga class, or take your first try at the martial arts.  Sports that teach you self control and focus will be of utmost value to you on the golf course.  And in return, you may just find another sport that you love and crave. 

It’s easy to forget the little things: working your ankles well before heading out to the course, relaxing your muscles, and controlling your breathing are all things necessary to prepare you and condition you. 

The very best preparation of all: get yourself moving and believing.  Believe that this will be your best golf season to date.  Whether you are a beginner, or an old pro, reminding yourself to care for your body and your mind will get you on the path to being the best you can be – better, possibly – than you ever imagined.   



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