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When most novice and intermediate golfers shop for golf equipment they simply select the equipment that comes prepackaged. However, as your golf expertise develops you may want to start experimenting with different golf components. As you experiment with golf components try different combinations of parts form irons and woods, as well as trying hybrid combinations. You may also want to try combining parts from different brands like combining Ping and Callaway parts to create a Calla-Ping club.

When you are putting together golf components to create the perfect titanium driver for you, you may want to experiment with different head shapes. For example you may want to start with a blade shaped head and then try a mallet shaped head. You may also want to try creating a hybrid club with a titanium shaft and a wood head.

Creating hybrids is a good way to get the best features of both irons and woods. When you experiment with hybrid components make sure that you not only switch out iron and wood parts, but that you also try a variety of brands. This will help you to find a shape, weight, and style of golf club that will fit your playing style and golfing strengths.

When you are experimenting with wedge golf components you should try to learn what each wedge angle is designed for. For example a 48 degree wedge is a pitching wedge, whereas a 64 degree wedge is a flip wedge. Most golf stores will have a chart that you can refer to when you are trying to figure out what angle is right for you.

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