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Golf facts

Are you looking for ways to impress your friends? Whether you’re out on the links or just hanging at the local bar, golf facts can always come in handy. Show clients you know your stuff while entertaining them on the course, or intimidate your golfing rival with little known facts about the game. The following golf facts will put you in the know.

Our first golf facts are related to the invention of the game. Did you know that golf was first invented on the coast of Scotland in the 15th century? Although, it wasn’t until 1774 that golf was actually played professionally the way it is today. And when the rules were first written up, there were only 13.

Our second set of golf facts have to do with courses. As of 2005, there were 32,000 golf courses in the world with about 16,000 golf courses in the United States. Florida has the most golf courses in America with about 1,100, followed by California at 950. The oldest public golf course in the United States is Van Cortlandt in New York City. It opened in 1895. The oldest known golf course in the world is The Old Links at Musselburgh, Scotland, where golf has been played since 1672!

Our final set of golf facts have to do with all the technical stuff. A golf ball must have a diameter of no less than 42.67mm and may not exceed a mass of 45.93g. All golf holes must be exactly 4.25 inches in diameter. A player can carry no more than fourteen clubs when playing officially by the rules (usually only enforced at professional tournaments). And did you know that four strokes under par is called a “Condor”?

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