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Golf tips

Much like any other game, beginner golfers look to experts to learn the fundamentals and other golf tips in order to increase the quality of their games. These golf tips can vary from how to prepare to play, how to effectively play throughout the game, and how to practice.

One particular golf tip teaches golfers the proper grip. This grip will reduce many beginners’ tendency to slice. A good grip keeps the club head square when hitting the ball and also keeping the shaft from turning in the golfer’s hands. By holding the club in a relaxed, comfortable feel, the golfers’ game success can be more assured.

Yet another golf tip involved with preparing to tee off is concerned with setup. It is imperative that a golfer stands square --- with their feet parallel to the target line. A closed stance will create a swing path that is inside to outside, driving a ball out of the intended path. This stance allows for more freedom for a golfer’s arms and shoulders.

When preparing a stance, another great golf tip is involved with a swing path. An inside to square swing generally results in a straight shot because it encourages a hook from the club to the ball. The target line is an imaginary line that extends from the ball to the intended target. A golfer’s goal is an inside-outside swing path that ultimately moves slightly outside after impact.

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