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Learning to play golf

Golf is a fun and rewarding sport to play. It is a great hobby for those who want to relax outside, a wonderful sport for anyone who isn’t in perfect shape and enjoyable for people of all ages. If you are interested in taking up the sport of golf, this is the article for you. Our tips on learning to play golf will put you out on the course in no time at all.

The first step in learning to play golf is to acquire the proper equipment. You should purchase a set of golf clubs for yourself. While renting a set is possible, having your own will allow you the freedom to practice anytime. Find a set of golf clubs that is not too expensive, and pick up some golf balls and tees while you’re at it. You may also want to purchase a pair of golf gloves to protect your hands and some practice equipment, such as lightweight balls designed to be used at home.

The second step in learning to play golf is to develop a swing. Try practicing in your own backyard or at a park before going to a golf course. Use a set of practice balls or no balls at all at first. Get books and videos from the library to show you how to swing properly. You can also get a friend or relative to critique your swing. Many people find this the most helpful of all. When you feel ready, head to the driving range to practice hitting real balls. You might also consult the course pro to have them help you perfect your swing.

The third step in learning to play golf is to practice your short game. The short game consists of approach shots (the shots you make between driving and putting, such as chipping), hazard shots and putting. You can practice these shots at home as well. Consider purchasing a practice putting cup to use indoors or on a deck or patio. You can also practice these shots at the course; most courses have practice areas designed specifically for putting and chipping. Consider heading to your local mini golf place too. This is a great way to learn how to putt and how the right speed and distance feels.

The final step in learning to play golf is to, well…play! Head to your local par three golf course. Try to make it a weekday, so you have plenty of time to play each hole without feeling rushed. Try to be patient with yourself; all that you’ve practiced may not come together as quickly as you think. If you stick with it and continue practicing, each trip to the golf course will be better than the last. When you feel you’ve conquered the par three course, try stepping it up to a regular course!

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