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Left - Handed Golfer Tips for a Better Game

By Joshua Spaulding

One left handed golf tip that many lefties face, especially beginners, is to hold out for left-handed clubs. A number of beginners who are left-handed tend to borrow their friendís clubs who are usually right handed. This will make your experience on the course difficult and frustrating. It can be expensive to purchase a set of clubs, especially if you arenít sure if youíre going to like the sport. But it is worth the wait to start off on the right track.

It used to be rather difficult to find left-handed clubs in stores, but that is gradually changing. It is becoming more and more common to find sets of clubs in sporting goods stores, but the selection is still nowhere near that of right-handed clubs. A tip for finding left handed golf clubs is to call ahead of time. This way you can find out if the store carries left-handed clubs and what kind of selection they offer. Many times your best bet to finding the largest selection is to go to a golf-specific store.

Another part that has been difficult for left-handed golfers is finding proper instruction to teach them how to play the game of golf. There are far more right-handed instructors and a plethora of instructional videos that are aimed at a right-handed golfer. This can be extremely difficult for left-handed golfers to learn from because they have to mirror what they see.

Fortunately, the Internet has a wide selection of instructional videos to search through. Because of this, your best bet to find instructional videos for you is online. You will find some of the best videos available for a reasonable price all online.

Left-handed instructors are starting to become more common with the rise of famous left-handed golfers recently. The most notable left-handed golfers on the PGA tour include Mike Weir and Phil Mickleson, who are two of only three lefties to win a major championship. Luckily for lefties, Mickleson has raised his total to three.

As golf continues to expand and appeal to more people, the options for left handed golfers are becoming much more diverse. Still, the best tip for left handed golfers is to look online for instructional videos and information. You will also find a large selection of golf clubs to choose from by searching online.

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