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The PGA tour

If you’re interested in golf, but don’t quite know where to start, try taking a look at the PGA tour. The PGA tour is an organization that operates the USA’s main professional golf tours. Its tournaments are the most distinguished of all and the athletes who compete are among the best in the world. Read on for history and information about the best golf tour on earth.

The PGA tour was first formed in 1968 when it became completely separate from the PGA of America. The PGA tour operates the following events: “the Top Tour”, “the Champions Tour”, “the Nationwide Tour” and an “annual Qualifying Tournament”. To compete in the PGA tour events, you either have to qualify or be awarded a tour card. Tour cards are given to top winners of previous years.

Women are not excluded from the PGA tour. In 2003, Annika Sorenstam and Suzy Whaley competed in PGA tour events. Additionally, Michelle Wie has done so in each year from 2004-2007. Although none of these three made the cut, Wie missed by just one stroke in 2004. In addition, the LPGA is an organization run by the PGA, but for women. The LPGA is for female golfers only.

Most people are surprised to learn that the PGA tour is a non-profit company. With a strong emphasis on fundraising, the tour has raised over one billion dollars, mostly for small charities located in the cities where the tours are held. Additionally, the PGA tour rules require most tour events to be non-profit, with a few exceptions.

In addition to the American PGA tour, there is a PGA European tour. The European organization is separate from the PGA tour and PGA of America, but the World Golf Championships are co-sponsored by the PGA tour and the PGA European tour. The World Golf Championships count toward the Official World Golf Rankings.

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