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Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson is a very well-known golfer. His fun personality and family-man image has made him a favorite of many golf fans. Over the course of his career, he has accomplished 31 PGA tour wins, and reached a career high of second place in the world rankings multiple times. To learn more, check out the following paragraphs.

Phil Mickelson was born in San Diego, California on June 16, 1970. Nicknamed “lefty” for his left-handed swing, Phil was a golfer from the very start. At age three, he tried to run away when his parents wouldn’t allow him to join his father on the course for a game of golf. At the age of four, he played his first round of golf and cried while approaching the 18th hole, knowing that the game would soon be over.

Graduating from University of San Diego High School (a catholic prep school) with a golf scholarship, Mickelson went on to attend Arizona State. While there, he quickly became the face of amateur golf, winning three NCAA championships and the U.S. Amateur title-the first left-handed golfer to do it. He also won his first PGA tournament in 1991 while still an amateur.

In 2004, Phil Mickelson finally won a major championship at the Masters. He won the Masters again in 2006. Through an illustrious career of wins, Mickelson has done his best to uphold the rich traditions of the game of golf. Phil and his wife, Amy, were married on November 16, 1996 and they have three children.

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