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Treating and preventing golf injuries

The game of golf involves skills that are taxing to both the mind and the body. While considered a relaxing past time by many, those who are serious about the game understand the strength and control required in playing the game well. There is no doubt that golf is a sport that requires strength, flexibility, and concentration.

Strength, flexibility, and concentration are the very things that can help any person avoid many sports related injuries. These are the key factors to help avoid pain, frustration, and sometimes weeks or months away from a person’s favorite game. By developing these things off the golf course -- by committing to a regular exercise regimen -- players will find that they not only play better, they feel better on and off the course.

As with any sports related injury, if there is pain involved, it is always recommended that the player seek a doctor’s opinion about the injury as soon as possible. Prior to visiting a doctor, however, is the key time to treat the injury and on the spot. Be prepared: carry a hot/ cold pack with you on the course. Keep a first aid kit in your bag as well. Golf is one of the few sports that allows the freedom to have just what you need, right when you might need it, in the very convenient location of your golf bag or cart.

The treatment of some injuries may be as simple as applying cold and heat in alternating fifteen minute cycles, or as complex as getting you to the nearest emergency room. Be smart. The way to outsmart your possible injuries, is to prepare by maintaining the strength and flexibility of your body.

Stretch. Walk. Sleep and eat well. Always warm your up with movement and stretching before any sports activity. The common mistake that golfers are subject to is thinking that getting on the course and beginning to play is the thing that will warm their body up for the event. Be smart by warming up and well before you head to the first hole.

If you are walking the course, use that time to check the placement of your spine and loosen the muscles in your neck and shoulders before reaching the next hole. If you are riding in a golf cart, drink your water, relax your muscles, and stretch a bit before you swing.

By planning well in your daily life to avoid the common injuries on a golf course, you will find that not only does your game improve --your quality of life improves right along with it.

Live well. Play better. Strengthen your body and your mind by using your muscles on a daily basis. The stronger you are in your daily life, the stronger you will be on the course. And while you’re taking that long walk through your neighborhood, imagine playing the Perfect Game.

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