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Vintage golf clothes

Golf is a fun game. And when you’re out on the course, you can make it even more fun with vintage golf clothes. Invest in a pair of duds worn on the links in decades past and you’ll be sporting style right along with history. Find out where to find them and how to wear them below.

Vintage golf clothes are a great option almost any time you go golfing. Since the dress code rules have actually relaxed in recent decades, the vintage clothes you buy will be up to the code for almost all courses you play at. And if you’re looking to dress it down, consider mixing and matching vintage pieces with clothing you already have.

How you wear vintage golf clothes depends a lot on your personality. Some people will choose to purchase vintage golf shoes and a hat only, while others go all out! Try finding the vintage knee length pants to wear with knee socks for a truly vintage look. And for the ladies, keep your eyes peeled for a great golf dress. This is a one of a kind item!

Vintage golf clothes make great gifts. The golfer in your life will truly appreciate a sweater that is filled with golf history. Additionally, where you can find them, vintage golf clothing used and worn by favorite golf legends will thrill your gift recipient. And since many vintage items are made so much better than the clothing of today, you can be sure that the gift will last and last.

Now that you’re convinced that vintage golf clothes are something you need, where can you purchase them? The first place to look would be vintage clothing stores. The sales clerks at these stores can tell you where the sporting equipment is located. Or check on the internet. www.ebay.com has a wide variety of vintage golf items, as do other independent websites.

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